Hij drinkt water en ik eet een appel. ??


You get to be my 3000th post, because you’re worth it. I love you loads.

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Wait, Cat is throwing a party?


Oh boy, is she!
Hurry and drop by her inbox for more information and details! Rumour has it the first hundred people to message her get an exclusive party hat!
If you use the code “JAYSENTME”, you will be rewarded with a free voucher for a shot/sorbet of choice!

Dear followers,

I would like to direct your attention to the fact that Mamrie’s birthday approaches in a week’s time. Our dearest yotoob is organising a party that’s bound to be the online socialite event of the year.
Please head over to her page and give her your input on which cake to buy. I suggest Red Velvet. Yay Cat! Yay party!

Please reblog for signal boost!

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Know what’s even better than pancakes and a MasterChef finale (Leslie just got booted, thank God)?

Receiving a MDK book signed by Hannah, including the word ‘fudge’, an entire page of Swike-written loveliness, a mini letter that’s very Lauren (which is great, since she wrote it), a calligraphic piece of art from Amanda and a Pokémon card of Charmeleon.

Christmas comes early this year. I have the best friends, the best YouTubers to look up to (same goes for talent managers; I mean, still in permanent awe of itsswike and her ability to excel at all the things) and the best taste in Pokémon. Obviously.

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which flavor cake?



red velvet.

I am SO pleased right now.

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Maybe cupcakes aren't called that because they're made in cups, but because their size is approximately equal to the volume of a cup?


You are the future.

I hate having this knowledge because it has destroyed my perception of all baked goods, but cookies were originally called little cakes. Little fucking cakes. How? Who names these things? Why is everything that uses flour and sugar a cake? I feel like there needs to be change.


God bless your bakery-savvy heart.


On the subject of food (this has now become a real life conversation in bed between psyched me and a very still-tired friend):

Peanut butter is called ‘peanut cheese’ in Dutch. Why? Why do we give a food based on a nut a different dairy name? Who did that? And why?
Also pancakes? In Dutch you’d call it a ‘pan cookie’. It’s not a cake but it’s sure as hell not a cookie.

I think we all know how this will end. I’m gonna make pancakes.

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Okay, so I may have become a bit intrigued with your pancake post and spent the last 10mins researching the origin of pancakes. The only reason I found that came up multiple times is the fact that basic cake and pancakes use similar ingredients, making pancakes literally a cake made in a pan. Which is an answer I don't really like because a lot of things use similar ingredients, but they aren't named after each other. But yeah. By ingredients, a pancake is technically a cake.

Stop this foolery. A pancake and a cake have an entirely different texture and you could not eat pancakes without adding goodies to it and just no. No.

And then someone asked in the notes what the difference between muffins and cupcakes is and whether muffins become cupcakes when you take the frosting off and now I am beyond confused. And hungry.

Someone needs to make me a bakery master list, pronto. Please include: muffin, scone, cupcake, cake, pancake, sponge, tart, pie and waffle.

The door bell went repeatedly and my friend said “If we ignore it long enough, they’ll go away. I bet you pancakes on it.”. Then there was silence.
Then he said “Why do they call it pancakes anyway? It’s hardly cake in a pan.” and now my mind is blown. Pancakes are not cakes in a pan.

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Oh hey - Gil also likes your face, what a surprise. Apparently, he has excellent taste in faces.

That was quite a thrill, getting my face liked by Gil.

Considering making a ‘Day in the life of Jay’ video for funsies. Input welcome.

Also make up wipes. My (guy) friend doesn’t have any. I came unprepared.

Considering making a ‘Day in the life of Jay’ video for funsies. Input welcome.

Also make up wipes. My (guy) friend doesn’t have any. I came unprepared.

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Could you give me the links to your swarto fanfics please? I fancy some reading!


I refuse to keep posting the same exact answer to the same exact question over and over again.
So no, I won’t post a link to something so obvious. If you enter my tumblr and ‘fanfic’ into Google, it is literally the top result.

Fun game of ‘find Jay’s ex in a TV programme’:

My friend and I were watching The X Factor UK half an hour ago and suddenly he goes “Jay? Isn’t that -” and lo and behold, it was. We have started a drinking game, ‘drink when you see her in the audience shots’. Friend’s have had to drink three times already. We’re 60% into the show.

Also, Simon Cowell commented "You’re like Yorkshire Terriers trying to be Alsatians." and if that is not the most ingenious insult you have heard in a long while, you are wrong.

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