I am so conflicted over my Grester feels too. Mine mainly because I always end up shipping women together but there is just something about Chester being so awkward and pretty much admitting he has a crush on her that I just find so endearing and shippable! Anyways, thanks for writing such great fanfic. You have such a lovely way with words and anything Hartbig that comes from you is my fave <3


You are too kind to me.

Have you written any grester fic?


I have written two (a SFW and a NSFW), but they are not yet published on tumblr due to me feeling conflicted over them. Maybe some time soon.

Do you have a P.O. box? I would love to send you a card :3


I’m sorry, darling. I don’t have a P.O. box, just two addresses, and I’m not willing to share that information on the internet - sorry!

You’re really sweet for wanting to send me a card though. The gesture is very much appreciated, thank you! x

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I loved the ending Jaysaphine. The question of sincerity vs. the fear of saying too much.... a very human fear. This is why your nsfw is always much MORE than *just* nsfw.

I love how you always find the deeper meaning behind smut. Thanks, Cat.

Also compliments, no. I mean yes. I mean no. I mean I can’t deal with it coming from you because you are so good at it and it still makes me fangirl and no. Expect a lot of affection in exactly three weeks.

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I missed your writings so much. Thanks you (PS : you're still my favorite)

I thought Easter would be a great opportunity to make a (fic & gif) comeback.

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Very good. Very good.



More to come soon.

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Uh oh. Guess what’s back. NSFW, 1.745 words.



She can hear her own heart beat thud loudly over the bass of the music, and maybe that’s a sign that she’s getting slightly too old for this. She turns around amidst a moving mass of people, unsteady on her feet, until two hands grasp her hips and lips find her neck. She smiles, because she’d recognise the touch of those lips anytime nowadays, and turns around to look into green eyes.

“Hi babe.” She murmurs, looking into Mamrie’s eyes before letting her eyes dart to the redhead’s lips, “Where have you been?”

“I’m going to take you home.” Mamrie looks amused, “You’ve had too much.”

“N-no.” It’s not true. She’s not nearly drunk enough to gather up the courage to do this, “Mamrie, one more. Please, just one more.”

“One more what?” The redhead grins, “One more drink? One more song? One more?” She purses her lips together briefly before leaning in closer until her lips nearly touch Grace’s, “Yeah?”


Grace lets Mamrie have her moment, where fingertips curl into the skin of her sides, right beneath her top. She doesn’t move as Mamrie’s lips hover over hers for what seems ages. But then she can’t suppress a little gasp and the redhead is fast to lean in and kiss her. She’s kissing her. Grace wraps her arm loosely around Mamrie’s neck, holding her close as the older girl’s fingertips trail down her jaw and over her neck.

“I’m gonna take you home.” Mamrie murmurs again, although it sounds different this time, “C’mon.”

Grace’s never felt so happy as when Mamrie entwines their fingers and drags her through the dancing crowd. They stumble out of the club and Grace immediately shivers, even though she doesn’t want to point out she left her jacket inside. Mamrie tugs at her hand and they start walking, giggling silly as they try not to trip over their own feet. Los Angeles is abnormally busy this time of night, and Grace squints at cars that flash by.

“Hold on, wait.” She breathes as Mamrie tries to cross a street, “Just wait a second, Mamrie, please.”

“I just want to get you home, Grace.” The redhead rakes her fingers through long loose hair, “Maybe I should have phoned us a taxi. Are you alright?”

I can tell you how to make me better.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.” Grace smiles, “Just a bit,” She gestures, “You know.”

“Oh, trust me.” Mamrie laughs, “I know. Come on, it’s not that far.”

Her fingers slip in between Mamrie’s again and they start walking down a street she recognises. Mamrie shivers and pulls her closer, grabbing Grace’s arm to warm hers and the brunette fights the urge to grin. Instead, she starts walking closer to Mamrie, heels clicking against concrete pavement as they walk on.

Read More

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"My Night In Cider" (x)

"My Night In Cider" (x)

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new to the the holy trinity fandom! so can u please explain why people think hannah and swike might be together???? [and is swike gay?!]


Hi, welcome!

I can’t really explain why people think they are together, it’s the same thing when people start shipping TV characters or other Trinity pairings, really. If you check the ‘Swarto’ (Swike x Harto) tag, you’ll probably figure out why people think something could be going on there. Perception and such!

(Also, Sarah’s sexuality has never been ‘officially’ stated somewhere. There are a lot of people who say she is straight, and there are people who say she’s been bisexual since high school. Sarah herself has never spoken about it, so your guess is as good as mine, really. Nobody really knows.)

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I have this weird question floating in my mind since a long time and i thought id ask you since you are one of my favorite writers in the fandom, so here it goes: IF Hannah and Swike confirm that they are in a relationship (IF, just a scenario) will you stop writing Hartbig fanfics love-related? (because i reckon there are some about their friendship) i mean, do you think it will be disrespectful to write about her and Grace if its publicly known that she is with Swike? thanks for answering :)


I don’t think I would, because I don’t think either Hannah or Sarah would mind. I know Sarah’s read some of the things I have written, and if she wouldn’t have been fine with it, I’m sure it’d have been mentioned somewhere. Hannah has dated before while fan fiction of all sorts was written, and she never told the fandom to stop writing it either.

I’d keep writing it until any party would say they were no longer comfortable with it. Then I’d stop writing it immediately. And I think any writer in this fandom would do the same.

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You are incredible and extraordinary, in the most literal sense, and I want to remind you of that. I am so very grateful that crazy random happenstance has allowed me to get to know you a little bit, because you are unique and unparalleled in my life; I don't know anyone else quite like you, and that makes you very special.


And you made my day. I hope something wonderful happens to you sometime today, you’re a sweetheart.

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I text my friend saying ‘Thief! Got Thief!' and he replied 'What the fuck, are you okay? Are you with someone? Need me to come over? and I said ‘If you wanna play?’. After a minute wait, got back ‘What the fuck, Jay’.

Basically he thought I caught a burglar. I was talking about the console game. Long story short, he’s coming over in a few hours and I’ll cook us dinner and we’ll play Thief. I am having a great Tuesday.

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Buttz are the best.

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