You are the best furby on crack ever then


And you are the best anon. High five to you, you chilled back piece of magic.

I have no idea why people like me. I’m like a Furby on crack.

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Turning Point


I’ve been told to ship some Mace, and so I tried, and this happened. I should thank this kid for her on point feedback and this kid for putting up with my the sheer quantity of my random questions at all hours of the night.



Sometimes, friendships have those moments, where something big happens, and you’re teetering on the edge. And you have to decide what you want to do, which way you want to fall. Because there’s no ignoring it. You either keep going, or you go back. There’s no friendship limbo, not anymore.

And sometimes, the moment isn’t really that big, sometimes it’s just a number of small moments, that gently nudge you until you’re finally close enough to the edge. Forcing you closer and closer, until you have to decide.

But what do you do? Do you back away? Or do you jump and pray to God for a safe landing?

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Dude, you totally dominated at Edward however many hands! That showed significant skill! I'm a bit jealous haha. I still haven't acquired a taste for beer, but that's probably just because I drink the cheap stuff (like Pabst. Which you've possibly never heard of, but you will when you're in America. American beer kind of sucks so try and stick to craft beers). But yeah, that's all. I hope you have an awesome day!

In all fairness, I wasn’t drinking beer. Lauren was the only one drinking beer, Deita and I opted for cider. I’m honestly the worst Belgian ever, not into beer or waffles or chocolate at all.

But thanks dude, super nice of you to drop by!

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\ flips hair

Thank you!

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You are ridiculously beautiful.


\ flails

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daily reminder that you're lovely :)


You are back! Also you are wonderful, please have a happy life because you deserve it so much.

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who writes some of your favorite fic?


I do.

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Hey! Sunday Funday, beers a plenty with #layta (Lauren and Jay and Deita… I love ship names). We play Edward Fifty Five Hands, as made famous to us (being me) by Mamrie Hart and Tyler Oakley. It was fun and it made me grumpy.


Lauren and Deita and I drank booze and talked about crap and made sure we recorded it for your entertainment. Check it out with your faces please.

Bonus: DJ (Get it?!) team up on Lauren to make her beer spew, talk about politics and get bitten by Lauren while attempting to eat Doritos. Revenge is served as beer on iPhone.

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Pretty new icon! :)


Thank you!

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The kind of love letters I write are the ones you read in bed, stretched out under the sheets with one hand between your legs.
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Do you read any fanfic besides yotoob and starsandharts? Any new discoveries? I'm in desperate need of good writing, even though I know that there is nothing like your fic out there. So, recommendations?


I read very few apart from those two, but a couple of authors I really do enjoy overall are:


Check them out. If you like my writing, you are bound to love theirs!

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Hey! IT IS NOT SUNDAY. I’ve been unwell this week but I filmed this last week and I still want you to have it. So here, fort building with #lay! 


If you have not seen Lauren and myself make a fort yet, you are missing out on epicness and are therefore lacking good life choices. Please rectify immediately by watching this glorious footage.

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Hey, can you link me to a few fic writers if you have the time please? If not, totally cool, hope you have a nice day :)



Sure thing, 

Yotoobfiction, Haveyouseenmyplot, patientwithyouheart, Hartorotica, onemilliongoldstars, bottledoxygen.

That’s all that I can think of off the top of my head. I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone (sorry!) If anyone would like to help this lovely anon out, by suggesting more writers, please do. 

You have a nice day/night too anon :)

Flailing and fangirling over my namesake. Following, if you were to ever find yourself bored and you’d wish to read some amazing pieces of fan fictional art, check this girl out.

This is a case of mutual appreciation, she’s one of the best writers in this fandom and definitely in my top five!